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Aerial Photographs or Video

  • Please contact us today in regard tailoring a package
    for you. Prices can start as low as $289!


Stunning 300 degree panoramic images from the air

  • Commerical                                      $660 ea

  • Tourism                                             $660 ea

* All prices exclude GST


Panorama 300 Example

Hypervision use "lightweight" drones for property filming which have some great advantages
over larger rigs, but also a few restrictions.  Please see the list below ...



  • Very cost effective with minimum set up or permits required

  • Great to 400 feet and also good for indoors!  (Warehouses, shopping centres etc)

  • Good “Medium Res” images - Similar to GoPro (Slightly better)

  • Safer near crowds, people, horses, livestock & events (Also very quiet)

  • Low passes, between trees, under bridges, down a street when required

  • Backwards, forwards, sideways shots options!

  • 3D gimble rig for stability & Horizon, panning & tilting 

  • Less CASA restriction (Meaning less cost & faster approval times)

  • Much less set up time or planning

  • Can shoot stills & video at same time (when required)

  • Very easy to travel with

  • Mid to Wide angle lens options


  • Limited control over camera settings and exposure (Similar to GoPros)

  • Quality is good to around A4 in size

  • More  prone to wind issues than a mid sized rig
    (Although any wind is really too much for any!)

  • Fixed lens options only



See more about the DRONES

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