Make more money from selling stock photographs

How to make more money from stock images

What the stock libraries don't want you to know!

How to earn money from photography online

This article is about making more money from your stock photographs once they are online with  a stock library and some tips on how to get ahead of the pack in a tough marketing environment.


I've put my photos and images up on stock photo web

sites and libraries but I'm not really making any income....!


Sell Stock Photography

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Selling Stock Photos

Making more money from Stock Photos

If you already have a whole lot of photos online or plan to have, it's hard not to get lost in the thousands of images that already live there. Everything the stock libraries themselves tell you is true in regard promotion, but it's a hard battle.

Lets face it, once you have uploaded your image... within 24 hours it will be on page 5 of 500 and working it's way back fast!
So unless your buyer accidently typed EXACTLY how you described your image, the only way they will find it, is to go through pages and pages of photos .. and we all know that just doesn't happen!


And an exact match? Well there's just not that many ways to describe something!


For example, if you have an an image of a "Lady drinking wine.... " well that's probably what a lot of people will search for.
So you get clever and decribe it as "mature female sipping red wine with dinner", which is great and well done, but I'm afraid with so many photographers getting clever, it still ends up the same. When you look at many of the search patterns of buyers in stock libraries, they are often pretty basic! e.g   LADY   WINE   DRINKING.

So how do you get ahead?


Well the best way will always be self promotion! You just can't beat that!
If you have a niche you shoot for, or maybe a town you cater to, then build up your database and promote yourself direct!

Business to business is always the most effective! But a lot of hard work!


Just make sure you connect with a stock library that respects your work and doesn't send all your referals off to someone elses photos.


Have you ever thought it was funny that when you put a new image up, it often sells within the first few days!?


Keep your stock photos top of the Stock Libraries

It's not a coincidence that when you add some new shots, one will often sell and then it doesn't sell again! .. ever!


So why is that?

It's simple!


When a person jumps onto a photo stock site & they are looking for something, how do they choose it when 18,726 images are found.


So this is what happens in our experience .....


1] A potential buyer searches for an image and they look on the opening screen to see if they like what they see and MAYBE
    they might go to screen 2 or even 3!?


2] They think " this is too hard" so then they go for the NEW button to see the latest shots!  We all want the latest

    And there you are! In the new section, in that first few pages! EASY! They like your shot! Sale made!!


It's not that the buyer doesn't like your shots, they just can't find them in the other 18,726 images!

So clearly it's immpossible to stay in the first 3 pages for long .. or is it?


The stock libraries like you to batch your shots when uploading, which makes sense, as they can approve "like" images much faster and it can be of benifet to good as well having a number of similar topic images. This might help get you known for a certain topic or style (Although not as likely as a few years back)




We have found by uploading a BATCH of images at once, but only releasing a few each week, will keep us in the NEW pages for a lot longer and the results are much better. Yes, it's little bit more work, but the exposure is worthwhile.




The third way a person will search if 1] and 2] don't work, is to click on the MOST POPULAR button!

Hence if you have an image that has sold well, you are top of the list.


I know a number of people that get their friends and clients to buy an image, just to put it in this enviable position!
Better if you can force real sales, but not a bad way to kick start a great image.




Also, think further afield than just your photos. If you are selling via your own web site consider affiliate programs like Google Ad Words, Ebay, Amazon (Links below) and the like. You can see our affiliate advertising links on this page, it's how you are reading this free!


This may help generate some extra funds on the way through. Or if someone finds your web page and doesn't buy, maybe send them onto another stock library via an affiliate program (Links below) and earn some money from someone elses sale.


It doesn't matter how you make the money if it's come from your photos directly or indirectly!


If you would like to know more or have any questions, please email me

Sell Stock Photography

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Selling Stock Photos

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