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The Broken Bride - Art Nude Exhibition

Join Tammy as she explores the Art of Nude Modeling for the first time in her exhibition "The Broken Bride".
Prints from this exhibition have already won praise & commendation from the International Spider Awards & Tammy has since gone on to win National Body Building Championships...

This Beautifully Nude Exhibition, kicks off soon with a touch of weird and wonderful from Zane Bokeh. Exhibition Tickets are now available to view the online exhibition with plenty of benefits for the early exhibition ticket holders. If you are a collector of nudes or a photographer wanting to get a first hand look behind the scenes, do not miss this exhibition.

Exhibition Ticket Holders will receive:



  • First Online Preview Of The Nude Exhibition

  • First Launch Nude Prints, Images & Cinema-graphs

  • Copy of Photographer Concept Notes (Available as PDF)

  • Behind The Scenes Images & Information

  • Complimentary Limited Desktop Gallery Image

  • Exhibition Fee Refunded if Print Purchased

    GOLD TICKETS $49 (As above, plus)

  • Your choice of (1) limited Edition Photographer Signed 16" Print

    PLATINUM TICKETS $495 (As above, plus)

  • Your choice of #1 - 10 Limited Edition Signed 30" Metallic Print
    Enjoy all the exhibition benefits, but also get first choice of Zane's amazing exhibition work which always sells first.  

Exhibition - Broken Bride

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