How To Sell More Stock Photos & Images

Is there money in selling stock photography anymore?

What if we said you could still make $2000 - $5000 per month?

Selling stock photos is like investing in the stock market!
Selling stock photos online & which photography websites
are selling the most?  Make extra money from home or not?

Can you make money from stock photography in 2018 / 2019?


Stock photography sales are dead!  ...or are they?

It's all about percentages and if you understand exactly how much you can make selling your photos online, then you can predict more accurately if this is a viable business for you, or how to sell more stock photos and increase profits!

But who do you sell through & does it matter?

There's no point in uploading 100 photos, if your stock partner

is a waste of time! It's just like investing in the wrong

portfolio on the the stock market.  If you know who your

investing with, it get's a whole lot easier!

Cut straight to it and download the "no frills" E-book or read on!

If you are considering stock photography, this will be the most honest and accurate (hard to get) information you are likely to find!

A bit about the stock photography business

Before I start, lets get one thing straight!  Any web article or book discussing selling stock photos that was written more than a few months ago about stock photo libraries is 90% moot and outdated! This is an industry moving at light speed and the articles from a few years ago or even a few months ago are likely a long way out of touch! I often read things from 2015 and just laugh at how completely wrong the information is now, about making money from home and earning extra income in stock photos and similar topics!  This information is a brief overview from our E-book.

People say selling stock photography is dead and yet just one library (Shutterstock) made $134,000,000 (million) in the second quarter of this year. They paid out over $500,000,000 (Million) to contributors!

So clearly there's plenty of money in it!  The question is... will you get some of the pie?

We have over 250 affiliate stock photographers working through us and the question I hear most is, "I just want some real figures!" How much will I earn from selling stock photography and there is an exact answer! But the only person that can give it to you is someone that sells a lot of stock photos and has done for many years to see the sales patterns & trends. Our E-Book will break this down for to exact figures and also tell you who we think you should sell through and stay away from!

Stock photography is certainly nothing new these days and has been around for many years now.  A few years back, stock photography was showing quite reasonable returns for professionals and amateur photographers alike, for their hard earned work and photo submissions. Plenty were reporting good returns!

But what about now? Can you still make money from stock photography? How hard is it? Can you still make extra money these days and which is the best micro stock photo library for contributors to join or host your photographs with?

I need to be clear that anything I share is from my own experience or from other industry professionals that I have worked alongside or interviewed about the same topics. I have spent over 10 years selling stock photos with varying success. Any information can change at the drop of a hat, although that said, I believe a longer term pattern has now formed within the industry and this information can be deemed as pretty reliable at the time of publishing. All and any stock photo web sites I mention by name are registered to their respective companies and we have no shareholding, ownership or vested interest in them. Although we do subscribe to some of their affiliate programs.

Can you earn money online from stock photography in 2019?

I guess the simple answer has to be YES!  But for who? And how much?

Many stock photo libraries are boasting 30 million + photos in their libraries and over 60,000 members. Which means they could sell 120,000 photos a month at $1 each! This = $120,000 a month for them! But after commissions, about 60c a month for each and every contributor!  So out of that $120,000, you get 60c. Doesn't really sound like a great way how to make money fast!  Of course many stock libraries are showing much higher figures. Shutterstock just announced a turn over of 134 Million (up from 83 million previously)! Work out how many photos that is!?

Using film industry statistics & digital photography estimates, researchers have calculated the number of photographs ever taken.

1826 – first photo ever.

By 1930, about a billion photos were taken a year.

By 2000, about 86 billion photos were taken a year.

Today, we take more than 380 billion photos a year!

Every two minutes, we take more pictures than the whole of humanity in the 1800s.

There are a billion FREE photos on Instagram.
There were 6 BILLION FREE Photos on Flickr in 2011!  (& 60 Million a month still going online)

300 million FREE photos are uploaded to Facebook every day.

And if a picture is worth a thousand words…That’s 3,800,000,000,000,000 words.

About ten percent of the photos ever taken have been taken in the past 12 months!

We update these figures monthly. So this gives you a good idea of what you are up against!  Does this mean there is no money left in stock photography? Not necessarily!

But it sure isn't as easy as it used to be! A good friend of mine was making almost $1000 per week 2 years ago from stock photography and was often featured in a number of spotlight articles, however today, he has twice the number of photos uploaded and making under half what he was! So it sure is a lot tougher!  So the question is do you give up your day job or career in photography to try and earn money online and attempt to make money from home!

You are competing against thousands of other "like" images and it can be tough for buyers to even find your images or photos amongst the pack let alone choose one. And by pack, I mean 9,000 - 18,000 similar images that came up in a search result! On top of this, you are also confronted with MUCH tougher criteria getting the stock libraries to approve your images into their databases as they have SO many to choose from and so many on file.

I see people like Dreamstime congratulating people on blogs for their first sale after months! That was a lot of work for 80c!

Many photographers are turning away from Stock Photo Libraries now and starting to represent themselves or sign up with people like 500px that offer great returns and respect photographers a little more! But do they actually sell any?

OK so enough of the bad stuff! You're a photographer, you live it and love it and it's like a disease! ...

I get it! So let's look at how you can move forward and see how you can make money and who to partner with.....      SEE NEXT PAGE or  VIEW STOCK PHOTO E-BOOK

Selling Stock Photos

Advice & discussion for photographers that want to sell stock photos online and a report on which stock photo website libraries are performing the best  (Each month!)?  Selling stock photos is becoming increasingly harder as more and more people try and make money from home. So is it still possible to supplement your photographer salary or even get a full time income from your stock photography by selling stock photos on a range of stock photography websites. I don't know that this is a "how to make money fast" strategy, but you can certainly earn money online or make some make extra money while you are working on your career in photography full time. We encourage you to watch our Creative Page as well

OK so here we go! We will try and cover stock photos, Stock images, stock video footage & anything photo stock related! 


So here's just some of the questions we are all asking ourselves!

What can I expect from a stock photography income?

Is Selling stock photos online worthwhile?

Which stock photography websites are the best? 

What are the top 10 stock photos web sites?

Is anyone making money with photography online?

Which stock photograph library pays the best or most?

Why are my stock photos getting rejected all the time?

How to make extra money is Stock Photography a good method?

Has anyone had experience with Shutterstock, I-Stock, Adobe Stock, Dreamstime, 123rf, Pond05 or Fotolia?

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