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Stock Images Murray River. Huge collection of photographs, pictures, aerial photographs & video footage of the River Murray & River Towns  - Goolwa, MIldura, Echuca to Albury

This page features links to stunning stock Images of the Murray River and Coorong, stock photos of the River Murray and Murray River Aerial views for instant download. Hypervision manage one of the largest tourism stock video libraries in Australia and offer aerial images of the River Murray Towns and Regions, stock video footage of the River Murray, River Murray stock photos, stock aerial footage of the Murray River, aerial views of the River Murray and aerial photography of  most River Murray Areas, plus we have a huge range of general stock images of the general river area. Our Echuca Wharf images have been published around the world over and over!


We house a huge collection of pictures, photographs, images, video and visuals featuring things like Echuca Wharf, Port of Echuca, Swan Hill, Mannum, Mildura, Morgan, Mannum, Paddle Steamers, Paddle Boats, Pelicans, Goolwa, Lake Alexandrina, Meningie, Murray Bridge, Taliem bend, The Coorong, Albury Wodonga, The Hume Weir, The River Murray Mouth, River Cruises, Houseboat Hire, Fishing scenes, Barmera, Berri, Remmark, Loxton, Cobdogla and nearly all the nearby Regions of the Murray River.

We have many, many images of the whole area including aerial photographs, aerial panoramas, aerial video and high quality ground level video footage featuring local scenes, wildlife, birdlife, tributaries, wetlands, mangroves, sand dunes, fishing, boating, houseboats, creek beds, rural areas and historic Paddle Steamers. The River Murray Australia!  You gotta love it! please contact us if you don't find what you need!

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We have thousands of  River Murray Images on file, please contact us, if you don't find what you are looking for


Panorama Aerial Image River Murray Mouth Coorong

This is a brand new section and will be built up over 2015, please stay tuned for these completely unique images

A bit about the River Murray

The Murray River or "River Murray" is Australia's longest and largest river running over 2,500 kilometres. The Murray starrts in Snowy Mountain country (Man from Snowy River) and then runs down the western side of Australia's highest mountains. It then slows down and meanders across Australia's flattest country and inland plains, forming the border between New South Wales and Victoria as it flows for another 500 kilometres before entering into South Australia, reaching the ocean at Goolwa.


The water in the Murray flows through several lake systems including Lake Victoria, Lake Alexandrina and the Coorong before emptying out through the Murray Mouth into the southeastern portion of the Indian Ocean (Often referenced as the Southern Ocean) Despite discharging considerable volumes of water at times, particularly before the advent of largescale river regulation, the mouth has always been comparatively small and shallow. Many times of the year you will find dredges their trying to stop it from closing over and cutting off the tidal flow to the Coorong.


The Murray River receives only 58 percent of its natural flow and it now Australia's most important irrigated region and is widely known as the food bowl of the nation.


The Murray River forms the border between the Australian states Victoria and New South Wales. Where it does, the border is the top of the bank of the southern side of the river (i.e., none of the river itself is actually in Victoria). This boundary definition can be ambiguous, since the river changes course, and some of the river banks have been modified.


The Mighty Murray River is not the beautiful system she once was, but still commands a certain amount of respect and love from all that know and love her ....

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