HYPERVISION's LIVE EYE 4G CCTV Security Camera Hire & Rental South Australia offers remote Security Surveillance Cameras for short and long term rental! Great for Building Sites, Home & Business Surveillance, Holiday Homes, Animals & Livestock, Wineries over vintage, keeping an eye on your house while away on holidays or even watching over an elderly loved one for a period!

Log in from your phone, laptop or desktop 24 Hours a day and check whatever you want with a 24 Hour HD Video Stream. 

The fastest and most reliable way to monitor anything you care about or interests you! Don't miss a thing with a live HD video feed and 24 Hour Self Monitoring. No Power, Wi Fi or Internet required! Forget "after the event" files on a stolen hard drive!

And even better! .. We do all the work for you
(Even installing the app on your phone!)

If there's one thing we know at Hypervision.. it's cameras!


  • Live HD Video Feed to Your phone or Computer!

  • No Internet Required (No way to turn it off)

  • No Power Required (No way to cut power)

  • No Computer or Hard Drive (Thieves know what to destroy first!)

  • 24 Hour Self Monitoring (Get a picture the moment the camera detects)

  • I-Cloud Back Up (Safely Tucked Away!)

  • Great for Outdoor or Indoor (No Wifi or Power required)

  • Great for remote locations (Even bush blocks!)

  • Night (Starlight) Vision (Amazing pictures in the dark)

  • Rental Includes Camera, Installation, Phone Lines & Monitoring Assist

  • May reduce insurance premiums with many companies

  • 3rd Party Monitoring Available (Option)

  • Care Taking Service Available (Option)

  • Get 2 Cameras and save!


Let us make it super simple for you!

Rental Options from $12 Per Week


Got some questions? Please Make Contact Today!


Here's what they don't tell you about Wifi Security and CCTV Cameras!
(For the record... Our cameras DO NOT run on WiFi!)

  • WiFi Cameras do not work without power & internet!
    (It's pretty easy to shut down someones power! In fact frightening if an intruder does!) (Our system does not rely on WiFi, Mains Power or Internet)


  • Did you know that people can "piggy back" a WiFi Camera?
    This means they can tap into your system and see what you are seeing! Not sure how this is secure? (Our system does not use WiFi)


  • Thieves will often target your computer just to destroy the hard drive as they know the images or video is going to your computer (Our system does not rely on a computer hard drive)​

  • Did you know there is a Phone App that will ID every WiFi camera in your home!? (Our system does not use WiFi) 

  • Did you know the very people that sell you the cameras, also sell WiFi camera spotters!? (For under $100) So an intruder can just walk in and see every live camera in your yard or home! (Our system does not use WiFi)

  • WiFi Blockers are under $50 on Ebay!  No more pictures!
     home! (Our system does not use WiFi)