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35 Years Of Camera Experience

Need to keep an eye on things? Hypervision's LIVE EYE 4G Security Camera Rental Solutions offer cost effective remote Security Surveillance equipment for short and long term lease, hire & rental! No Power or Internet required.

Immediate delivery "turn key" packages for Building Sites, Construction Sites, Home or Business, Holiday Homes, Elderly Monitoring, Animals & Livestock, Wineries or keeping an eye on home while your away. 

"No 240V Power, Wi Fi or Internet Required - 100% Stand alone!"

Log in from your phone, 24 Hours a day and check whats going on with a 24 Hour HD Video Stream. Don't miss a thing! 

We do all the work for you!
If there's one thing we know at Hypervision.. it's cameras!

"Cost Effective, Surveillance Solutions offering Fast & Reliable Quality Video & Images without the high costs!"

Keep an eye over things that matter

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