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How to Sell Stock Video Footage in the Modern World!
When selling stock footage, there are really only 3 things you need to know!

  • How much money will you make?

  • How to sell more stock footage?

  • Which are the best stock sites  to sell through?

Sounds simple doesn't it?  Well guess again!


If we tell you exactly how many clips you are likely to sell (per 100) and exactly how much they make, then you can work out exactly how much money you can make per stock library and if it's worthwhile!

Being equipped with these 3 fundamental answers, will make you profit ready to start making money or save yourself a lot of time and choose a different career path. There is a lot of microstock companies out there all telling you they are the best! But we can assure you... they aren't!

In our forthcoming E-book, (January  2020) not only do we give you the answers to these important questions, we also tell you exactly how much money you are likely to make per 100 clips uploaded and who is most likely to sell them for you! (also see our brand new  "selling stock photos" e-book.

If you want to sell more stock video footage or are considering selling stock as income, then this may be the best few dollars you ever spend... and if you think that a few dollars is too much to invest in your stock footage career, change career paths now!

Even if you're already uploading stock footage or trying to decide if it's even worthwhile in 2019, this book will save you 24 months of "learn time" by telling you where to devote your energy, data and time resources!

About the Author
Written by David Hancock, a nationally awarded TV Producer, videographer & photographer with over 35 years of video production experience for some of the worlds largest companies and Television Stations. He has many, many years of experience shooting & selling footage on most of the major Internet-based microstock footage agencies, plus over 250 affiliate photographers selling stock under him.

Selling Stock Footage in the Modern World!

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